Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Happy Couple-Cherise & Todd-Their Wedding!!!!

 Saturday, October, 22, 2011 in downtown Chicago was gorgeous, not only because it was the wedding of my son, Todd, and his bride, Cherise, but the weather was in the high 60's. Unbelievable, because earlier in the week, Chicago endured tsunami like winds along the lakes shore and temps in the 40's There was a whirlwind of events. from the rehearsal and dinner Friday evening to the Brunch Sunday Morning, We were on the move all the time.

The wedding and the reception were held in the same place for a candlelight ceremony, which was gorgeous.  Now keep in mind that I was the one that was taking these pictures with my low light challenged camera, in a candlelit ballroom  Also, I didn't get pictures of everything that I wanted. The wedding party went out before the wedding to take pictures around the city, and then Family pictures were at 4:30 in the hotel lobby. Weddings have certainly changed over the years. The ceremony was at 6pm. More pictures!

The flowers were gorgeous, orange Calla lilies, and orchids of some type. Cherise was a  beautiful bride.

The back of the dress

Here is my family, left to right, Scott, my husband, me, Todd, Cherise, Chris, my other son and the Best Man, and Emily, my daughter-in-law. My granddaughter, Aria, wouldn't get in the picture, because she has a knee brace on her leg, due to a torn patellar tendon.  That's another whole story.

Reid, Cherise's brother,Cherise, her Mom , Camille, and Dad, Len

Cherise's Grandma, Cherise, and her Mom, Camille
On the way to the wedding and reception
 My daughter-in-law, Emily, and Granddaughter, Aria

This is my only picture of the cake, which was beautiful.  It was Carrot Cake with Hazelnut filling.  My son doesn't like chocolate, so they compromised.

 The Couple, so cute!

The flowers on the table.
More flowers, just stunning!

Off to take more pictures!
Obviously, I missed many pictures.  The ceremony was candlelight, with low light, as well as the reception.  Todd and Cherise had a "Sweetheart Table", just for the two of them, instead of a head table with the entire Bridal Party, which was 5 Bridesmaids, 5 Groomsmen, and two ushers! I never got a picture of that either,  Also, they had a wonderful 12 member band, which played every kind of music, and the dance floor was crowded all evening.  So many memories, and the evening flew by so fast, and before you know it, the evening was over. Now, Cherise's Mom and I will be sharing pictures back and forth, until we see the pictures from the photographer. More pictures to come later, I'm sure!

For now, I need to take it easy, and remember that beautiful wedding. Sounds good, but today I'm going to make Halloween cupcakes, with my Friend, Barb, and her grandchildren.


  1. Ah! I've been waiting for these pictures. What a beautiful event, my dear friend. Love and family and celebration. Thank you for sharing with me today. It is always a good day when I start with a visit to your blog. You know how to make me smile. Much love and many blessings from Austin.

  2. Monet- Thank you so much for the Love and well wishes!! It was a wonderful event for family and friends. It went all too fast, but I have beautiful memories.

  3. Such a beautiful wedding Becky!! Congrats to you on your new Daughter In Law, and to the happy couple! I hope they have wonderful lifetime together!!

  4. Oh my goodness! A beautiful princesss and a lovely wedding! LOVE the bouquet!

  5. Kim-Thank you for the well wishes. It was a beautiful wedding, and I, too, hope they have a long, beautiful life together.

    Katrina-Cherise was a beautiful bride and the flowers were gorgeous.

  6. Yes, it seems that special family events like this do disappear in a flash-so I am glad you have lots of pictures! Congrats to the happy couple on their special day, may their bond grow stronger as each day passes. The wedding looks like it was pretty amazing, the flowers, the dress and the setting. Thanks so much for sharing.

  7. Becky-Thanks for sharing the beautiful wedding photos. What a lovely couple. The bride truly is beautiful...love her gown and bouquet. Such an event like this, is a lifetime of memories that we like to cherish.

    So glad you got to take some photos, which really turned out very good. From what you have explained, I could only imagine the rest of the event...food, brides maids, music, dancing...etc...wow! I feel as if I have been there too. You narrate the event so "lifelike"
    Congratulations to the happy couple, and congratulations to the parents!

    Cent'Anni=100 yrs of bliss:DDD

  8. Tina-Thank you for the well wishes. The wedding was amazing, and I'm replaying all the the tiny details in my head;) So much fun!

  9. Elisabeth- This is truly a wonderful family event, which we won't forget. The food was wonderful, as well as the food, and even the table settings. Hopefully Cherise's Mom will have more pictures for me.

  10. Oh Becky, everything turned out so beautifully. That dress and flowers are gorgeous. I can't believe you had the energy to post so soon, I thought you'd be exhausted. You have a beautiful family. I'm sure you will be reliving those memories for months to come. Wishing Todd & Cherise a lifetime of happiness!

  11. Gina-Thank you so much for the well wishes for Todd & Cherise. The wedding was gorgeous, as well as Cherise in The Dress. The smiles on Todd and Cherise's face tell it all.

  12. Congratulations to the happy couple - you must be exhausted! It must be difficult to be part of the bridal party AND take pictures, while with friends and family. Love the choice of cake and the idea of the sweetheart table. Always lovely to hear of new ideas like that. You must feel so proud of such a wonderful family!

  13. Congratulations! What a beautiful couple! The bride's dress was gorgeous, and so was yours Becky!

  14. Jill- Thank you for the well wishes. I wanted some pics before the photographer's pictures were available. My niece was supposed to take pics, but that didn't work out. I wished that I could have gotten shots of the table and the room, which were just stunning. They had a lot of unique ideas, including the flowers in large vases for the aisle markers.

  15. Beautiful wedding. Cherise a beautiful bride. Thanks for sharing.

  16. Everything looks perfect! What a beautiful wedding...and you look fabulous, Becky!!!

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