Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Turkey Meatballs with Panko Bread Crumbs in Fresh Tomato Marinara Sauce

Last weekend we went to Minnesota to see Scott's son and his family.  While we were in Minnesota, we went to the Minnesota State Fair, which is a yearly ritual for Scott's family.  We went to the fair, on Saturday, which seemed like it would be  the best day, weather wise.  It was cloudy, and did start raining as we were leaving.  I thought that I would have gorgeous pictures of all the food we ate, but unfortunately, it wasn't a good day for pics with my camera. You will just have to imagine the first stop for hot, mini sugar covered doughnuts washed down with full cups of cool, creamy milk. Or Maple Bacon Ice Cream or fried cheese curds, which are definitely guilty pleasures. There was also a craft beer tasting and Guiness for the guys. You can find any type of food on a stick; pizza on a stick, chocolate covered jalapenos, deep fried Snickers, Gyros, and many more. I had grilled shrimp on a stick, which was very good. with a Caribbean Lemonade. a lemonade with Caribbean flavors, but not rum. Then right before we left, we had to get Aunt Martha's, hot out of the oven, Chocolate Chip cookies, which came in a big plastic bucket. These cookies are amazing, munching on a full bucket of hot cookies, as you go home.   Oh, yes, there were also animals, too. A good time was had by all, and we left with full tummies and open umbrellas.  What is your favorite fair or festival  food?

Is Fall approaching where you live?  We have falling leaves and walnuts, as I type.  Bailey the Wonder Dog, thinks that the falling walnuts hitting the roof are thunder, and is trying to get under my desk. Poor Baby! Our temps are more manageable and we even got rain, while we were gone. I love Fall and everything that it brings; chunky sweaters, apples, pumpkins, and even Football!   I'll soon be posting some delicious Fall recipes.

I did promise the Turkey Meat ball Recipe that Scott used in his Marinara Sauce with Fresh Tomatoes. He used Panko Bread crumb and herbs, in the meatballs,  We made some whole grain Rotini for some of the leftovers. Pasta sauce and meatballs taste even better the next day after it is made, because the flavors have time to to "marry", and become more intense.  The meatballs were wonderful in the sauce. Enjoy!

 Scott’s Turkey Meatballs w/ Panko Bread Crumbs

1lb ground turkey
1 cup bread crumbs- We used Panko Bread Crumbs
1/2 c Parmesan cheese
1 egg, lightly beaten
1 1/2 tsp Italian seasoning
1/2 c olive oil

Combine all ingredients in a large bowl, and mix well. Form into 1 1/2 “Balls. Lightly brown meatballs in hot olive oil, not cooked through.  Salt and pepper to taste. Add to sauce. Meatballs will be cooked completely in the sauce.

linked up my recipe to Brandie@The Country Cook's Weekend Potluck #33
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  1. I made spaghetti with sausage last night, but the idea of meatballs crossed my mind. Next time I will follow Scott's lead and make it his way!

  2. Lizzy,
    Scott would probably like the sausage, too, but turkey is the better choice for for his heart issues.

  3. This looks like a nice hearty meal my friend, beautiful job :D

    Choc Chip Uru

    1. Uru,
      These meatballs make the meal combined with the sauce. they are so full of fresh herbs, which I love.

  4. Hi Becky. Wow! These meatballs look so very good. I do wish we were having more "fall" around here, but I think we still have a ways to go. Thank you for sharing this delicious recipe though. I'm sure it would be great year round!

    1. Monet,
      I may have spoken too soon about our "Fall" weather. It's going to be 94 today, but then cooler again next week. We did have a cooler week, when we made the sauce;)

  5. Replies
    1. Claudia,
      I am sure that you would love these healthier meatballs:)

  6. I like turkey or chicken meatballs, but I usually don't have them with pasta :)

    1. Medeja,
      If you make bigger meatballs, then you don't need the pasta. We made golf ball sized meat balls, so we had them with the pasta.

  7. I love fall but we're still deep in summer weather here. A few more weeks... :) The meatballs look great!

    1. Anita,
      We had a cool week, but today is supposed to be 94, Yikes. The meatballs are good, but today I'll be eating a cool salad.

  8. Fabulous dish - my family would LOVE this and i really like that you used turkey instead of beef :)
    Mary x

    1. Mary,
      The sauce and the meatballs are fairly healthy. They would have been healthier, if he had baked the meat balls, instead of frying them, but the dinner was still very good.

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