Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Super Bowl 2015 Party Food Roundup for a Crowd or a Few

This year Super Bowl XLIX ,  2015 will be held in Arizona.  The reigning Super Bowl Champs, the Seattle Seahawks will defend their title against the New England  Patriots  Here is a recipe round up of party food. With much of the country battling the elements, here are  a few spicy, and not so spicy foods to warm up your party.

Party Ham Rolls are Ham and Cheese Sandwiches on slider buns or party size rolls , with a poppy seed-butter-mustard mixture spread on the inside of the buns, individually wrapped in foil, and baked in the oven

Shrimp Creole is a one pot meal with a wonderful sauce with tomatoes, the "Trinity", onions, green peppers, and celery,spices, and chicken or shrimp, served on a bed of rice.

 Crock Pot BBQ Beer Pulled Chicken  is chicken breasts cooked in BBQ sauce and beer, until tender, served on buns with the works.

Scott's Turkey Five Bean Chili is a chili full of fiber and flavor, low sodium and low fat. May be served with chopped onion, shredded Mexican cheese, sour cream, or whatever you like on your chili, it's your call and your chili.

 Scott's Honey Baked  Lime Wings with a Kick are sweet, tart wings with a kick of heat and a brush of BBQ Sauce.  What Football party would be complete without wings?

Caramelized Onion Dip with Sun Dried Tomatoes is a new take on an old standby French Onion Dip, only healthier, and with a few additions, and tastes better, in my family's opinion. Serve with a variety of crackers and vegetables for dippers.

 Bacon Wrapped Water Chestnuts or Pineapple are healthy, sweet, salty, crunchy bites of Turkey Bacon dipped in BBQ sauce. So easy and so delicious!

What party would be complete without dessert?  Here are some mouth watering desserts for your party.

 For the Adults, Kahlua Cinnamon Brownies are rich, and fudgy brownies with chocolate and coffee and a light Kahlua glaze.

For the kids, Fight Back Brownies,  Five Ingredient Brownies with Hershey's Syrup and a frosting that can be put on warm brownies.  Make, Bake, and Frost in 25 minutes. these have been my go to Brownies for many years, and so rich and fudgy!

Cookies are always welcome at any party, and these are no exception, Double Chocolate Toffee Chip Cookies with Oatmeal.  These Cookies are so good with lots of chocolate, and chewy  with the oatmeal.

Kahlua Brownie Bites, made with DIY Kahlua or store bought, have the right amount of chcolate and coffee flavor.  The mini size is just perfect for your party.

 Raspberry Dark Chocolate Bars are always the hit of the party with their shortbread crust and Jam filling topped with dark chocolate chips and covered with a crumb topping.  This is another family favorite.  If you a family member that doesn't like chocolate, the chips can always be omitted.

No Bake Nutella Cookies are little bites of Nutella, cocoa, oatmeal. and coconut, so chocolaty, and chewy with coconut and oatmeal.  They can be made before you can say "Nutella", or almost.

And now you are  ready for some football!!! or cute commercials?  Will your team win? 

I linked up my recipe to Brandie's   Weekend Potluck #155


  1. This round up looks absolutely awesome, I so wish we had the Superbowl here!

    Choc Chip Uru

    1. Uru,,
      Thanks so much, but you have the Australian Open;)

  2. What a terrific round up, Becky!!! I'd love to sample some of each dish :)

  3. Liz,
    Thanks! to me the Super Bowl is about the food!

  4. All these meals look amazing! I want to prepare and eat all of them but will start with this shrimp creole.

  5. I'll be with the kids group and go with those brownies. I didn't even get to see the game this year, but it's all about the snacks for me anyways. He he. Just thinking about you today and p.s. be on the lookout for a mailman with a special Valentine. Hope you are back in the kitchen really soon my friend. Happy Valentine's Day!

  6. Hi Becky how are you? Did you stop blogging ? I always check and see whats new! I wasnt sure if you ended up moving it somewhere else hope you are doing well!

  7. OMG!! I am so glad to see this delicious food here. These dishes are mouth-watering. Want to arrange luscious food for my dinner party that is arranged at one of event space. Will look for a reputed catering service for this event.

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