Thursday, August 7, 2014

Peach and Oat Muffins

August is here already, and now it's time to enjoy the California peaches.  In between the stone fruit recalls, I bought peaches at a store, that wasn't on the recall list.  We were going to a family reunion last weekend, so I wanted a healthy breakfast to eat in the car in the way down to Southern Illinois. Peach and Oat Muffins would fill the bill.

We went to my Mom's family reunion, the 80th Boaz reunion in Vandalia, IL  My Mom came from a large family, 8 brothers and sisters, but only two are living now.  I have 28 first cousins, and many second and third cousins,  but only five first cousins  were there.  We hadn't been there in several years, and the attendance is dwindling,  however the food is not.  My Grandma was famous for her fried chicken and pies, so there was a lot of fried chicken and pie made from Grandma's recipes.  I have not made fried chicken in many years, but I should make it one of these days.  There was fresh garden fare, tomatoes, cucumbers, green beans cooked with bacon, and corn. All of these foods were the kind that I grew up on, as well non-stop desserts, and brought back many childhood memories of summer visits. We had a perfect day, low 80's with a breeze, unlike most 100 degree days with no air conditioning that I had  endured growing up back in the dark ages, he he.

Back to the muffins.  These were the perfect on the go breakfast, especially slathered in peanut butter for extra protein.  The muffins are low fat with applesauce  and coconut oil replacing the fat.  They are also low in sugar, and have almond milk, in addition to the fresh peaches and oatmeal.  I love these muffins made with fruit, and I have been making them with many of the fruits; apples, blueberries, strawberries,  bananas, and now peaches., I didn't get any Southern Illinois peaches, boo These would be good with Mango, too.  Maybe mango is next.  What are you favorite kind of  muffins?   I think that I need a snack now,  on one of the peach muffins.  Enjoy!  PS I didn't get any Southern Illinois peaches, Boo!  Now I have to go to the Farmer's Market to get peaches to make that elusive Peach pie.

    Peach and Oat Muffins Adapted from

  • 1-1/2  cups rolled oats
  • 1-1/4  cups all-purpose flour
  • 1  teaspoon baking powder
  • 3/4  teaspoon baking soda
  • 1  cup unsweetened applesauce
  • 1/2  cup fat-free milk  I used almond milk
  • 1/2  cup firmly packed brown sugar
  • 3  tablespoons vegetable oil  I used coconut oil
  • 1  egg white, lightly beaten
  • 1 cup fresh peaches, chopped and  divided 3/4c chopped  peaches; reserve 1/4 c. chopped peaches for tops of muffins


Heat oven to 400°F. Line twelve medium muffin cups with paper baking cups or spray with cooking spray.

Combine oats, flour, baking powder, baking soda and cinnamon in large bowl; mix well. In medium bowl, combine applesauce, milk, sugar, oil and egg white; blend well. Add to dry ingredients all at once; stir just until dry ingredients are moistened. (Do not overmix.)

Fold in 3/4 c chopped peaches. Top muffins with reserved chopped peaches.

Fill muffin cups almost full.  Bake 20 to 22 minutes or until deep golden brown. Cool muffins in pan on wire rack 5 minutes. Remove from pan. Serve warm.

I linked up my recipe to Brandie's The Weekend Potluck #130  



  1. These muffins look so lovely, addictive and delicious :D

    Choc Chip Uru

    1. Uru,
      These muffins are addictive, no matter which kind of fruit you use, and healthy, too. These muffins are a grab and go oatmeal warm 20 sec in the microwave, and you are off to the uni!

  2. Great muffins, Becky! Love those family reunions and it's great that you had a wonderful time with lots of good food. Sadly, our families have dwindled so no reunions any more. Have a great rest of the weekend!

    1. Pam,
      Sorry that your family doesn't have reunions anymore. They are a great piece of Americana! Hopefully ours keeps going!

  3. I love,love summer peaches and I've yet to make muffins this summer. Hoping to buy a bushel from our produce stand this week or next! Then the baking will begin!!! Your muffins look terrific!

    1. Liz,
      Thank you! Fresh, local, Summer peaches are the best! Happy Baking! .

  4. Peaches and oats... what a fabulous combo!! I'm envious of your CA peaches... I can't seem to find many of them in the store, and the farmer's market has been slim pickings. Maybe I will have to be patient. But then I'm making muffins!!

    1. Kim,
      I am surprised that you can't find peaches, and you 're in California. These muffins are good with a variety of fruits ; strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, apples, nectarines. Good luck with your peaches!

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