Friday, April 13, 2012

Pork Tenderloin Medallions in Red Wine Sauce with Mushrooms

First of all I want to thank all of my blogger friends for the outpouring of concern, prayers, and friendship that I have received in the past few days for my Dad and my family. I will be forever grateful for your friendship and support.  My husband and I have decided to postpone our trip to Florida for the time being. The timing just wasn't right for the present circumstances. He could be in Hospice for awhile, so I will be in and out for awhile on my blog.

I just revamped this recipe and the pictures from an old post,shortly after I started on Foodbuzz.  This is one of my all time favorite recipes, which is so flavorful, and easy to prepare. Scott made this for my birthday dinner at home this year.  This is definitely fit for company with the wine sauce and mushrooms with the pork medallions.  We serve it over wide noodles, but you could also serve it over rice or pasta. The flavors in the dish wafting through your kitchen, while this cooks, are amazing

I got this recipe from my dear friend, Pam, who passed away from a brain tumor in 2003. She had two girls, who are married and have families of their own, and I stay in touch with them.  Every time I make this recipe I say "Thank You, Pam". I hope that you enjoy this recipe as much as we do.

Ingredients  You can vary this recipe, depending on how much pork tenderloin you use, and adjust accordingly.

1.1-lb. pork tenderloin
2.1 lb. of mushrooms, any type-we used Baby Bella
3. 2 medium yellow onions, sliced
4. 2 cloves of garlic, chopped
5. 1-2 c. red wine, any kind, we used a Chianti
6. 1-2 tsp Herbs De Provence- This wasn't in the original recipe-we added it.
7. Flour for dredging

1. Slice pork in 1/2" medallions. Dredge in flour seasoned with pepper and a pinch of salt, more if you like it.
2. Brown medallions in olive oil, until lightly browned.  Remove from pan and cover with foil to keep warm.
3. Saute sliced onions and garlic in olive oil until onions are soft.
4. Add sliced mushrooms to onions and cook, until mushrooms are browned.
5.Return the medallions to onions and mushrooms in the pan.  Stir in the Herbs De Provence and red wine, cover until the medallions are cooked through, and the sauce is thickened.
 6.   Serve over noodles, pasta or rice.  Smell, Taste, and Enjoy the flavors of this dish!

 I linked up my recipe to Brandie@The Country Cook's Weekend Potluck#13
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  1. Been thinking of you! Wishing you didn't have to go through this pain. I know it can't take away the physical pain of losing him, but soon your Dad is going to be whole again and free from the horrible disease that has taken so much from him. Bookmarked this, can't wait to try it and I'm sure I'll be thanking Pam too.
    Call me if you need anything.

    1. Gina,
      It was your idea to ask Scott to make this dish for my birthday weekend! Thanks Gina!

      You are right Gina. He will be in a better place. I really "lost" Dad, several years ago.


  2. What a fantastic meal!! I would LOVE to have this tonight!
    Mary x

    1. Mary,
      This meal is so good with herbs and red wine sauce. You wouldn't be disappointed.

  3. Great meal.... your in my thoughts every day... glad to see your cooking for therapy thats what I do too!

    1. Claudia,
      Thank you for your thoughts and prayers. Cooking and baking are my therapy!

  4. Becky-so glad to see that you are cooking, and not just any ordinary dish! Such an elegant, and delicious pork the baby bellas, and of course the tenderloin...yumm! So, so delicious with your choice of Chianti wine...perfectly paired dish with simple noodles:DDD
    I am thinking of you and feel your pain. Not easy what you are going through. I've been there 25 years ago with my dad, 2 weeks short of his 65th birthday:(sad, it's all sad)

    Just know that you were blessed to have your dad in your life till the ripe age of 92, but it's always so painful to say "good bye"
    My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family!

    1. Elisabeth,
      Thank you for your comforting word. There is no easy way to say goodbye.

      To me this dish is comfort food, and it love the pork with the herbs abd the sauce.

  5. This does make pork a pretty upscale meal with the wine and it looks delicious. I am sure Pam would be proud that you have kept and made her specialty dish. Glad to see that you are keeping busy instead of dwelling on the present situation.
    Funny how a lot of us bloggers consider baking or cooking as a therapy and some people just do not get that. Enjoy the weekend XOXO

    1. Tina,
      Baking has always been my therapy, even i times of crisis, I bake. So right now , I need to bake.

  6. adding red wine is a neat touch.


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