Friday, December 30, 2011

Hanky Panks Revisited

Where did the year go?  I can't believe tomorrow is New Years Eve! It just seems like it was only yesterday that my son and now daughter-in-law got engaged.  They were married this past October, so the year was a whirlwind of showers and parties, leading up to the wedding.

On the Foodie side of my life, I am so grateful for all the friendship and support that I have received from the blogging community, especially for the Relay for Life and my online bake sale. Thank you again to all of you who participated in this wonderful event. In addition to the the wonderful friends that I have met, there have been so many recipes to try and so little time. I look forward to posting many more wonderful recipes, and working on my photography, always a work in progress!

This Hanky Pank recipe has been a family tradition for many years and ingredients have evolved over the years, due to family and health preferences. This year before I made them for our family Christmas, I called my son and daughter-in-law, who have been loosing a lot of weight, to see if I made them, If they would even eat them.  My son said that they might eat a couple, but not as many as in the past.  Good, I made a smaller batch than usual, using Pumpernickel rye toasts, ground turkey, chicken sausage, Italian Sweet Sausage, style, and Velveeta cheese. They were a hit!

If you need an appetizer for New Years Eve, New Years Day, or football party get together, this would be a perfect.  They are easy to make, can be made ahead of time, then frozen and re-heated, and taste soo good.  They are approved by family for over 30 years! I I hope that all of you have a safe and Happy New Year, and a Great 2012. Happy Cooking, too.

Hanky Panks
1lb of ground beef or turkey
1 lb. of bulk Italian sausage, turkey sausage, or chicken sausage
1lb. Velveeta cheese
1Tsp. Italian Seasoning
2 loaves cocktail party rye

1. Brown ground beef or ground turkey and sausage, and spices.**
2. Drain meats; Add Velveeta cheese cut in chunks and heat until cheese is melted.
3. Broil one side of party rye in oven till lightly brown.
4.Put meat and cheese mixture on rye breads.
5.At this point, you can put the rye breads on a cookie sheet and freeze for 1 hour.  Remove from cookie sheet and put in freezer bag for future use. Take out as many as needed and microwave till bubbly, or heat in the oven, 350 degrees for about 10 min.  Enjoy

**If you use the chicken sausages, which are pre-cooked, stir the diced sausages in the browned meat, right  before you add the Velveeta cheese. The sausages will heat up in the melted cheese.

 I am linking my recipe up to Brandie@The Country Cook's Foodie Friday#7.  Come join the fun.


  1. Wow does this look good. I know it would be a hit at our house. Come visit. We have a terrific appetizers this week. Happy New Year!

  2. Tammie an Alessa,
    Thank you for visiting my blog and your kind words. I hope that you'll be back soon.

  3. Oh, Becky!! This is a dish my husband would love!! I'm thinking he wishes you were his next door neighbor!
    Happy New Year, Becky. Thank you as well for your friendship this year, I'm truly thankful to have you in my life. XOXO

  4. Kim.
    I Wish that I was your next door neighbor, and then we could exchange food across the fence;)

    Happy New year to you and your family! Looking forward to 2012!

  5. What a year it has been! I can't believe it is already 2012 either! Thank you for sharing with me. It is approaching dinner time, and my stomach is growling! I hope you are doing well and enjoying this first week in the New Year!

  6. This looks yummy and delicious and I want to eat it now.
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