Monday, July 25, 2011

Fresh Basil Pesto and "Real" Tomato Bruschetta

Well, the bridal shower is over and it was a wonderful success.  I hope to be posting  the shower soon.  Stay tuned!
I have one patio tomato plant with "real" tomatoes, so we have gotten three.   If I buy tomatoes at the grocery store, they aren't "real" to me. They usually aren't deep red, and have no taste.   There's nothing better than locally grown tomatoes, so we usually have to wait for the Farmer's markets.We live in the woods, but decided to try growing a patio tomato in the part of the yard that gets the most sun.  We  actually could grow tomatoes, and the deer didn't eat them. That's a major accomplishment. We also have an herb garden on our patio with lots of basil, besides mint, and rosemary thyme.  To do our three little tomatoes justice, we made fresh basil pesto. My husband wanted his on pasta, and I made bruschetta with mine.
Basil Pesto
Fresh Basil Pesto

2 C fresh basil leaves, rinsed and patted dry
2 large cloves of garlic
1/2 c freshly grated Parmesan cheese
2Tbsp grated Romano cheese
1/4 c walnuts
1/2 extra virgin olive oil
Salt ; pepper to taste

Combine the basil garlic, cheeses, and walnuts in food processor. Process to mix.  With the machine running,  slowly stream in olive oil, add in salt and pepper to taste, and process to desired consistency.  Serve over hot cooked pasta, or make Basil Pesto Bruschetta with garden tomatoes. like I did.
Basil Pesto Bruschetta with Local Tomatoes

Toast a couple of slices of good baguette. Toast until lightly brown. Smear a couple of Tbsp. of fresh basil pesto over bread. Top with fresh, locally grown tomatoes.  Enjoy. The pesto already has cheese in it, so I didn't sprinkle any extra over my Bruschetta!


  1. I like the addition of walnuts in your pesto, sounds yummy both with the pasta and bruschetta.

  2. Oh yum. My tomato plants were taken over by stink bugs this year. They were growing along fine until one morning we woke up and found a swarm of the bugs all over the tomatoes. They were just completely destroyed. I was so heartbroken! So I've been buying mine at the local Farmer's Market too. Next year, I will learn how to fight those darn critters!
    Love these recipes!

  3. Beth-did you add 1/4 cup walnuts to the recipe, or you actually added the actual "walnut pesto" to the basil pesto ingredients? Could be something different that I don't know about!
    I love basil pesto on pasta, and adding it on the crostini topping it with the tomatoes the way you did, is a fabulous version of perfect bruschetta...yumm!
    Can't wait to see the bridal shower photos, and all the good food and desserts:D

  4. Natasha- Thank you for your comments. The walnuts give the pesto a good flavor.

    Brandie-I feel for you with bugs on your tomatoes.That can be so dishearteneing! That happened to me one year, too:(

    Elisabeth. You should be my proofreader. You add only walnuts to the pesto ingredients, not walnut pesto. Everything tastes better fresh.

  5. I'm glad to hear that the pesto was a success. I'm not surprised! And I just adore the flavors in this post. So good! Thank you for sharing two tasty recipes with me today. Your culinary creativity inspires me in my own baking endeavors. I hope you had a good Monday. Smiles and love this week!

  6. Looks wonderful! I agree with you that grocery store tomatoes are not "real". When you cut them, they are pink, not even red.

  7. Monet- Glad that you liked the pesto. And you baking creativity inspires me;)

    Jill-We just have to wait for "local" tomatoes, and then we eat fresh tomato possible in a short time.

  8. I am so jealous of your little herb garden. We meant to have one too but never got around to it and It's probably too late now. Oh well, there's always next year.

    I just love pesto and it looks so good on that bruschetta!

  9. Annie- We just have our herbs in pots on the patio. Some grocery stores even sell little pots of herbs to put on your windowsill in the kitchen, to have herbs all year round. You wouldn't have to wait till next year.

    Hopefully, you could make pesto this year:)

  10. Christine- Thank you for your comments:)

  11. Your pesto is lovely! Home-grown is always best.

  12. Beth- You are right, Home grown is always best, but the harvest is always short.

  13. Those aren't real tomatoes Becky, lol. I just got enough to make a little sauce tonight and I was so happy. Hoping the shower went really well and that everyone enjoyed themselves. Hope you have a great weekend.

  14. Your pesto looks sooo good. I love how you added walnuts, I'll have to try that. YUM! :)

  15. Looks great! Hey Becky I wanted to let you know they said they shipped Thursday let me know when you get the book.... thanks

  16. Gina-
    Hope that your sauce with real tomatoes tuned out well:)

    Lindsey- The pesto is good with walnuts.

    Claudia- Thanks for your comment.


  17. Your pesto is lovely! Home-grown is always best.


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