Monday, April 18, 2011

Mark Your Calendars, Monday May 2nd for the Online Bake Sale

I'm so excited!!  The Online Bake Sale is just Two weeks from today!  Are you ready? Are you on the list of bakers?  If not, sign up and join the fun. Together we can make the Bake Sale a success.
Here are the official rules of the Online Bake Sale Bidding and how it works:

Online Bake Sale Rules and Procedures:
Please remember that all donations from this bake sale will go directly to my  Relay for Life efforts to benefit the American Cancer  Society. You will be supporting a great cause and helping to make a huge difference in the lives of many to create a world with less cancer and more birthdays!
On Monday, May 2nd,  I will post all of the items each baker has donated. Each item will have a minimum bid of $15. Once the items are officially posted all buyers (bidders) will then e-mail me at with a bid of what they would like to purchase. 

To have an official bid on an item, you must e-mail me at Any bids left in the comments section will not be reviewed, only bids e-mailed will be considered official and affirmative. 

Think of the bid as a silent auction of sorts. All buyers will have until 9pm EST to submit their bid for the auction.
I will be updating the current bids at the bottom of the bake sale post throughout the day so that you can see the current high bid. I am hoping this will encourage others to bid higher for the items they really want or bid for items that have not had a bid yet. Let the bidding wars begin!
All winners will be announced a few hours after the bake sale has closed

Each winner will then donate the specified amount to my Relay for Life Donation Page. Once the donation goes through, I will e-mail the baker the winner’s address and it will be the baker’s responsibility to send the baked goods to the winner within 72 hours of notification.

The winner has 24 hours to make the online donation. If in that time frame the donation is not made, the next highest bidder will be contacted or the item will go back up for bid.
A preview of the goodies will be posted on Sunday, May 1st, so that you have time to look over your options and get ready to bid on your must-have items. 

Please remember that this bake sale is to help raise money for Relay for Life which goes directly to the American Cancer Society.

Here is the list of Bakers so far, and I thank each and everyone of them from the bottom of my heart.

Here is the updated list of Bakers.
Kate from Diethood
Gina from  Oatmeal, Cranberry Chocolate Chunk Cookies
Natasha from My Saint John Lemon Bread
Reese from  The New Art of Baking   Old Fashioned Ginger Snap Cookies
Chef Dennis from More than a Mountful  Chocolate Decadence Cookies

Wendy from The Weekend Gourmet Lemon- white Chocolate Graham Cookies
Molly from Toffee Bits and Chocolate Chips Cocoa Brownies with Browned Butter
Charlie from Sweet Salty Spicy  Maple Pecan Quinoa Crunch Granola 
Kim from Liv Life  Limoncello, Limoncello Biscotti, and recipe cards
Jennifer from   Three Little Piglets
Debbie from SquirrellBakes Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies
Sabrina from The Tomato Tart  Vegan Triple Chocolate Banana Bread
Lindsey from Gingerbread Bagels
Elisabeth from Food and Thrift Finds  Biscotti,  Chocolate Chip and another kind
Carolyn from All Day Long I Dream About Food Caramel Nut Bars
Dee from Dee Dee's Delights  Lemon Lavender Cookies
Brooks from Cakewalker Mayan Toffee
Jill from Dulce Dough Ranger Cookies
Abeer from Cake Whiz
Kimberly fromLittle Ray of Sunshine White Chooclate Macadamia Nut Cookies
Tiffany from Como Water Vegan Earl Grey Tea  Shortbread
Raven from  Ravie Nom Noms
Susi from Susi's Kochen und Backen Adventures Nutella Chocolate Cookies 
and me of course. Raspberry Dark Chocolate BarsChile Spiced-Mango Chocolate Chunk Cookies, and Fight Back Brownies


  1. So exciting Becky! As soon as it goes "live", I'll make sure to spread the word. I know this is going to be a very successful bake sale!!

  2. congrats on the success on your bake sale.. spread on Twitter and on Facebook.. you are a true angel my friend a very worthy cause... My son's father was diagnosed Palm Sunday with terminal kidney and lung cancer... he only had one kidney so its just days for them... I truly appreciate your cause and support thank you

  3. Brandie- thank you for all of your support:) I appreciate it so much

    Claudia- thank you for your kind words. You and your family will be in my thoughts and prayers.

  4. I can't wait Becky, your list sounds so good. Thank you for all your hard work to raise money for this important cause. Sorry to hear about Claudia's family.

  5. Gina- thank you for all of your support and help!
    the list keeps growing

  6. Yes, Becky! I am very excited too. Baked a batch of the ginger snap cookies and mailed it to my grandma in Florida for her approval to make sure that it is as good as when she made it (it's her recipe, after all). Grandma gave a BIG thumbs up!

  7. Reese-Great job with your test batch. Glad that your Grandma liked them:) Thanks for being a baker!

  8. Well done Becky!!! Chili spiced mango chocolate chunk cookies??? WOW!!!

  9. yay Can't wait for the sale! Best of luck! I'll be sure to spread the word about it!

  10. Kim- Thanks for the support and participating, too. Kim!

    Molly- I'm excited, too. Thanks for baking!

  11. Becky, All the best to your online bake sale. You are very kind to do this.

  12. Veronica,
    Thank you for your kind words and best wishes!

  13. Greetings from Southern California

    I am your newest follower. I invite you to visit my blog and become a follower.

    God bless you and have a nice Easter :-)


  14. I'm in if you still need people. :)

  15. Hi Becky!

    I have just found your blog and would love to be involved in the Relay for Life On-line Bake Sale ... so many friends and family have benefited from the research that the American Cancer Society has spearheaded ... I'd be honored to bake for this fundraiser.

    Contact me at my blog with any details that come up... and kudos on organizing this event!

  16. Ron,
    I'm a little behind getting back to people. I was out of town. I''ll go check out your blog now!

    J M, I sent you an e-mail about baking for the bake Sale. Welcome Aboard!

    Sent you an email. glad to have you baking!

  17. A great bake sale for a great cause :)


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