Sunday, December 12, 2010

Monkey Bread and a Guest Baker-My Neighbor, Pauli!

Our neighborhood had a Christmas party last Saturday afternoon.  The neighbors hosting the party wanted to have a brunch on a Sunday, but timing wise, it didn't work out, so we went to a brunch at 3PM on a Saturday! We had so much fun, and my neighbor Pauli, made this beautiful Monkey Bread. I made Baked French toast, and Pauli's husband made his famous biscuts and gravy  Later on in the evening we, had appetizers and "dinner". The Brunch was a little crazy, but a lot of fun!

For those of  you that don't know, Monkey bread is a cinnamon sugar pull apart bread, with balls of biscuit dough  rolled in cinnamon and sugar, and  layered in a bundt pan with raisins and pecans, which are optional, and then a brown sugar butter mixture is pured over the biscuit pieces . This bread bakes in to a golden pan of goodness. It  is an simple quick recipe, which we all need at this time of year, and the kids would love to help. I'm sure Monkey Bread would be a nice addition to your Christmas Breakfast.. Here is a link to the recipe that Pauli used for her  Monkey Bread , or you can make a from scratch version from Brown Eyed Baker's Monkey Bread Recipe

Monkey bread may be a crazy name, but  according to, there may be several explanations of the name. One, the name came about because you have to "play around with dough, just like monkeys "play" around with their food with their hands. The second  one, is that  to some, the bread resembles the way that monkeys gather together tightly.  No one may know the real reason.  I'd say pick the the explanation that you llike the best and go with it. Any way you look at Monkey Bread is wonderful!  Enjoy.


  1. I like the name of this bread...and it looks to die for!

  2. Looks fantastic Becky..wonderful flavors!

  3. MMM!! I can't even put into words how good that look! I wish I was your neighbor too!!

  4. Looks awesome! I haven't had monkey bread in years. Such a fun treat for a party!

  5. Angie- Thank you for your comments.

    Sandra- If you love cinnamon, sugar, and butter, you would love this bread.

    Kim- You wouldn't want to be my neighbor today, single digit temps, and 40 mph winds. Winter is here with a vengeance. I would like to have you for neighbor, though:)

  6. Katie-It is fun to eat, no knives, needed.

  7. That looks fantastic. Monkey bread is another thing I keep forgetting about. I need to make this soon.

    I hope you're surviving up there!


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