Monday, July 5, 2010

In Search of an authentic Chicago style hot dog-Never put ketchup on a hot dog

We recently had friends from out of town come for the weekend.  Since they had lived in this area previously, we asked them what they wanted to do.  The first thing that they said was to have a Chicago hot dog.  There a lot of places that claim to have Chicago style hot dogs, when the really aren't, according to my husband.  Scott who grew up  on the Northwest side of Chicago has eaten many Chicago hot dogs.  He decided to make his own.
The Ingredients

1. Poppy seed buns

2. Steamed all beef hot dogs

The Condiments-All must haves
 (Left to right)

3. Deli pickles like the kind that you buy at the deli counter
4. Celery salt, just a sprinkle, but necessary.
5. Yellow mustard, never ketchup
6. Sliced tomatoes
7. Sport peppers
8. Pickle relish
9. Chopped onions

Assemble your Authentic Chicago Hot Dog and Enjoy!!!


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